Our Guarantee

You want your automotive repair shop to guarantee their work. We understand that. We're not just mechanics and we DO guarantee all we do!

Probably the best guarantee we can provide you - and the proof of our service quality - the many years that we have been a part of the Grays Harbor community. We live and work here. We're not going anywhere. As you will see in the About section of our site, we've been in business for many years in this community and participate in leadership and support of many local efforts. 

Of course, in addition to being here when you need us for many years, we offer the following written warranty. And we welcome you to ask us any questions about our service and promises. B&B Automotive is here to help!

OUR GUARANTEE:  We strive to keep your vehicle operating to the best standards that the manufacturer's design allows.  We guarantee all repairs performed to these standards for a period of three years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first), unless stated otherwise.  

All parts installed are new unless otherwise described.  This guarantee does not extend to repairs made with customer supplied and/or used parts, or to repairs made in the absence of additional recommended repairs to related systems.  Diagnostic charges are guaranteed only when included with subsequent repairs. Please contact B&B Automotive, Inc. before having work performed out of town.