No Lemons!

Vehicle Purchase Coaching 

We all want to save money when buying new or used vehicles, however at B&B we feel the largest financial gain can be had by purchasing the right vehicle, one that not only fits the customer’s needs as far as size, type of use and fuel economy but also has a good record for cost of ownership.

So, B&B has a program to help you with your vehicle purchase decisions. We offer pre-purchase inspections starting with just a very simple visual inspection, if that is all you require, or a complete and thorough inspection producing a three-page report detailing maintenance and repair needs.

We have found that our customers really appreciate knowing what to expect from their purchase before they seal the deal and especially appreciate finding out that a vehicle was not a good choice for them before making the purchase.

Please call or email us with any questions you might have as you begin think about a vehicle that fits your needs.

We're here to help!